4 Landing Page Tips That Convert Leads

You've probably come across those beautiful landing pages and wondered why, no matter how much you mess with yours, it doesn't look cool? You haven't even started creating your landing pages yet, but are you looking for tips to not waste time getting your hands dirty? Do not worry! We separate 4 tips for a Landing Page that converts leads!

Landing Page Tips That Convert Leads

1 – Develop attractive, original and true titles

Without a doubt, the first thing someone sees when they land on a landing page is the title. This is because it is one of the elements that stands out the most for the segmented audience you want to reach. Whether by font size, placement or color.

The first thing your page title needs to do is make that visual impact so that attention is immediately drawn to it. But that's not the only thing. You also need to make your potential customer continue to consume the content on your page so that they get to the call to action (CTA) and perform the conversion you want.

So your headline needs to make an irresistible promise, something that aligns with your offer and grabs the visitor's attention.

2 – Have good texts to guide the conversion in your sales funnel

Another aspect you need to keep in mind is that the main object is to convert a website visitor into a customer that will generate revenue for your business – and you need to do this efficiently. The amount of time it takes someone to view the entire landing page is inversely proportional to the probability of them clicking that button. Use the landing page to show the customer what potential there is for them.

Much of this challenge is in the writer's hands. It won't always be a job for the designer, but when it is, it's his responsibility to understand exactly what the client is looking for and find the best way to show it to him. Be brief, intelligent and, if you can, to the point with objectivity and what solution your business is offering.

Landing Page Tips That Convert Leads

3 – Be objective and use creative icons and fonts on your landing page

Without a doubt, just text and more text on your landing page is not cool and boring to read. For this reason, it is interesting to make good use of icons that will add to your landing page interface. Also, your landing page should have a clear and unique CTA whenever possible.

A company has many ways to interact with its customers, such as “Read our blog”, “Buy now” or “Contact us for more details”, but there are so many uncreative websites that can use these forms of CTA. Remember that on your landing page, the most effective technique is still to use just a simple “Call to Action” – CTA.

Define what the most important goal for the conversion is and go from there. Leave the other goals for the other pages on the site. If you need to add other tasks to the landing page, make sure there's a visual hierarchy where what's most important will be seen first. Do this using colors, sizes, and shapes, and strategically use whatever is visible and not visible on the page.

4 – Don’t forget the smallest details and creativity on your landing page

Last but not least, having a landing page is relatively easy. However, having a good landing page that actually brings you valid results is more complex and requires testing, validation and more testing. For this reason, never forget or underestimate the small details and creativity that go into the composition of your landing page.

In addition, there are a number of basic design elements and principles that typically apply to any design challenge. When creating a landing page with maximum conversion experience, there are a few points that are particularly important. Here are some of the most important ones you need to pay attention to in order to have a landing page that converts leads effectively:

  • Colors: very importantly, contrasts and complements help highlight key points, like the button for the CTA. Make sure the design matches the brand's colors.
  • Size: color is linked. Take into account all the elements on the page, how big the CTA should be to grab attention without overdoing it and keep the page in balance.
  • Format: it also helps balance the page while creating a certain personality. Does your company/product match right angles or smooth curves? Analyze from this angle.
  • Symbols: can be great allies. Using something like an arrow can make it clear what that action will do for the user, but remember not to overuse them and pollute the design.
  • Empty spaces: As with all online design, empty space is an important factor in driving the vision, so don't want to do away with them and keep that in mind.

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