Change of Customer Service Hours by Support Center

Due to the difficult moment of COVID-19, we had to reduce some operational costs, postpone launches and reduce investments in new tools to adapt to the current scenario and ensure the safety and operability of the entire company with its products.

Coronavirus: Postponement of Payments, Debt Renegotiation and Open Debt Installment

We understand that some of our customers are in a financially difficult time as a result of COVID-19. We are offering three renegotiation possibilities available to all of our customers worldwide with the Flexible Renegotiation Limit. 1) Postponement of

Tips for Safe Internet Shopping

Nowadays, it is becoming more common to shop over the internet. However, along with this practicality is necessary to take some special care, so that you have the best experience, but without giving up your own safety. Thinking about it, we prepared

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