TFX was founded by Juan de Souza, aged 16 on January 23, 2016, during high school. At that time, several real problems of people close to other companies were identified. Thinking about it, it was decided to start developing digital solutions to solve in a practical, fast and safe way. In a short time, the first product appears, which in turn resulted in our company, with the aim of unifying all previous solutions that had been developed in previous projects. Currently, Juan de Souza is our Founder & CEO responsible for the company as well as leading and developing new businesses, products and solutions for the digital market based on metrics and feedbacks.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide our customers with a unique experience.
For this, we use the latest technology and offer benefits to members.

Appropriate Solutions

Global Scalability

B2B, B2S, B2C and B2G

Create, do and Accomplish!

This is our motto because we have a culture of always making decisions
that will provide a better experience for our customers, partners and users.

Digital Security

It is one of the most important pillars in our company. We care about every detail, from designing our solutions to data transmission.

Differentiated Experience

In addition to our Support Center, select customers can become members of The Platinum Service and enjoy more unique benefits.

Support Available

Attendance is everything. And knowing this, our company is prepared across segments to meet various demands of the international market.

Monthly Newsletter

Every month, customers receive a Monthly Newsletter according to their respective segment, with news and general suggestions for their needs.

Corporate Agility

Time is everything. For this reason, following the recent restructuring of our company, we have up to 3x faster support for all our customers.

International Availability

Unlike other companies, ours is focused on offering unprecedented and international solutions. From our solutions to even 4 language support.

We guarantee safety for over 700 Customers in 8 Countries.

Customer Testimonials

Delivering the best results and making a difference in the lives of people and businesses around the world is our mission. Get to know some real customer stories.