Solutions for Recycling and Ecology Solutions for Recycling and Ecology

Solutions for Recycling and Ecology

EcoVision is our exclusive product that allows users to send requests to accredited companies and recycle electronic waste and have access to ecological items to make their environment sustainable in a practical way, whether for you or your business. EcoVision members score 2.5 points for every dollar or real in our Membership Program.

Solutions for Recycling and Ecology

Ecological Solutions

Our platform allows you to be practical and safe when recycling your electronic waste and also contact reputable and duly accredited companies to carry out the proper collection and disposal. Still, additional solutions for Ecology in your environment.


Sign up for free and fill out a quick request form to proceed in a practical way. An accredited company will contact you in sequence.


All accredited companies follow our accreditation parameters and quality policy, in order to ensure suitability and practical agility.


Just like the other products and services we offer, you don't need to install any software or download an application to use our solutions, just create your account.

How EcoVision works

Read our documentation to know our platform.