Pacote 50 Artigos Premium com Técnicas de SEO e 1.000 Palavras
R$ 2.560,00

Package for Creating Articles with SEO Techniques.

Product Info

Nos disponibilizamos para produzir e entregar o pacote com 50 artigos otimizados em técnicas de SEO com média de 1,000 words for each article. That way, we will help you in this process, with the guarantee that your content is accurate, without spelling mistakes and as you wish. Experience of over 10 years with online content, aiming at good indexing in search engines and, above all, the satisfaction of B2C and B2B customers (individuals and companies).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How to make sure that the content produced is original?
I use the Copyscape tool, checking if the content is duplicated, in addition to that, we guarantee that all texts will be produced in a unique way and will not be copied from anywhere else. In other words, I follow a standard of excellence and authenticity.

2. What will be the delivery time after payment?
Following our differentiated service, so that we have time to check and correct each text with great diligence, we send 5 texts a day, with variations possible on demand. Therefore, feel free to consult us about the deadlines before making your purchase.

3. How will it be sent and what formats are available?
Upon completion, the text will be sent to the customer's email. In addition, the customer will be able to choose between the following formats: docx, txt, kext, html or sending by message in full.

4. Will an Electronic Services Invoice be issued for the service provided?
Yes! After confirming the payment and providing the service announced, the NFS-e will be sent to the customer's email attached. Generally, the electronic invoice can be sent together with text that was produced for our customer. Therefore, you will have all the guarantee, security and practicality when making your purchase.

5. I need several texts. What is the amount charged?
In this case, the advisable is to consult me through our General Support, because that way it will be possible to guide you on costs, terms and fees (if applicable). For the scale text modality, a payment request will be sent in the modality you wish and with the amount agreed between both parties, following our business model, security and excellent customer service. In addition, after payment confirmation and service delivery, an electronic service invoice will be issued.

Notice: In accordance with the laws in force in Brazil, we will be issuing and sending the Electronic Services Invoice (NFS-e).
Reference: This product is related to the complement to ImagineDraw, our exclusive and complete solution for people and companies around the world.

Bonuses for Personal and Business Segments: + 3.000 pontos Membership Program.

Additional information

This product has no purchase limit or restriction on rehiring.


This purchase is eligible for Points in the Membership Program, with reference to the normal product score for each USD, BRL or EUR spent. For details, see the Membership Program Policy in the "Legal Notices" section.


The product offered is covered by our warranty and you have 90 calendar days after the date of purchase.


After we identify the payment for your order, our team will contact you to proceed with the service and deliver the items properly announced.

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