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Membership Program


Exclusive benefits

With Membership Program, you have several benefits that can be exchanged through your accumulated points as our customer. Live this new experience with us and start accumulating your points.

Points that do not expire

All your points accumulated in Membership Program using our products, contracting our services or for time as a member never expire and you can redeem them whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy!


Business partners

You can also redeem your points for vouchers and credits at partner and eligible companies depending on your country. Soon, points accumulated in other companies may be converted into TFX points.

Special offers

Members of Membership Program have offers with special discounts during certain periods of the year. You can also use your points accumulated in the program to apply a proportional discount.

By accessing the Member Panel, you are in full agreement with the Regulation and Terms of Use applicable.
If you have any questions, please keep in mind that you can always consult our Support Center about the Membership Program.