Solutions Hub to Deliver Results.
Solutions Hub to Deliver Results.
Solutions Hub to Deliver Results.
Solutions Hub to Deliver Results.
Solutions Hub to Deliver Results.
Solutions Hub to Deliver Results.

Solutions Hub to Deliver Results.

Our company has the essence of delivering the best results to all our customers with innovative, practical and highly scalable solutions for many countries in the world.

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Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide our customers with a unique experience.
For this, we use the latest technology and offer benefits to members.

Appropriate Solutions

Global Scalability

B2B, B2S, B2C and B2G

TFX Startup International Mobile (Galaxy S10)

We use artificial intelligence to improve our solutions.

From time to time, our artificial intelligence performs automated analyzes to better understand customer behavior and needs so that demand is met within the source segment. All in compliance with GDPR, LGPD and other applicable laws in the countries served by our company.

  • Cost Reduction: By automating procedures, the operating cost is lower and this enables us to offer a competitive end value in the international market to our customers.
  • Maximizing Results: With balanced operating costs, we have an investment margin of over + 45.8%, which ensures sustainable growth with internal reinvestment.
  • Differentiated Solutions: We have expertise in offering the market premium solutions and through our segments, we can meet the demands with solutions tailored to the needs.
TFX Startup International Mobile

Automatic feedback collection for solutions improvements.

Every four months, our artificial intelligence automatically sends an invitation to our customers to participate in satisfaction surveys to improve our solutions. As an incentive, 700 Membership Program points that never expire are offered as a special thank you.

  • Feedback Hub: It is our program fully integrated with TFX Startup International Extranet (TSI-E), with graphical displays of the feedback received by our customers and associates.
  • Help Center Integration: Key questions and requests are automatically processed. And reviewed by a human being later, to add to our Help Center.
  • Membership Program: As a thank you, the customer who chooses to participate in the satisfaction survey will receive 700 points credit from our Rewards Program upon completion.

Our Segmentation

The way we deliver results.

Each consumer has a specific project or demand and to meet their needs,
our segmentation comes as an ally to provide the best experience ever.
Understand below what are the criteria taken into consideration when directing a customer to a segment.

Need for Solutions

Consideration is given to customer demands and the available investment budget.

Analysis and Approval

At this stage, after the previous briefing with the client, we directed him to one of our 4 segments.

Specific Demands

In certain cases, the customer may have higher demands and may be invited to The Platinum Service.

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