Complete platform for cryptocurrencies.

CryptoStation is our product designed to provide a new experience for purchasing cryptocurrencies safely and conveniently. CryptoStation members score 1.4 points for every dollar and real spent on our Membership Program.

Complete platform for <span class="f_700">cryptocurrencies</span> .

CryptoStation Benefits

By purchasing on our platform, you guarantee exclusive and unique benefits in the market. Check it out below:

The entire security process has been designed to ensure you complete comfort and convenience in your online requests.

For every dollar, real or euro spent, you earn 1.4 points in our Membership Program, with points that do not expire.

Our differentiated support available in 4 languages is also available on our CryptoStation platform.

All CryptoStation members count on the best trading rates: R$ 4,99 BRL + 7.20% / at a time.
After payment clearing, depending on the form selected, we will deliver your order.
With our platform, all members count on our flexible spread, ensuring excellent values.

Count on our expertise to always offer the best solutions.

Exclusive Features

of our CryptoStation platform

Thinking about making a difference in people's lives, we created CryptoStation, a completely
disruptive platform in the market that aims to democratize access to cryptocurrencies on the Internet,
with appropriate payment methods and fees and BRL currency payments.

Technology and Innovation

Bringing together great ideas and ideas to create the best solution for the market. CryptoStation has unique technologies and features for members.

Fraud Prevention and PLD

The verification process is done by our artificial intelligence and avoids various frauds and ensures compliance with the money laundering prevention policy.

Most Attractive Rates

As the platform has a well-defined operational structure, the effective cost is lower when compared to other services, so we offer the best rates in the market.

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