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Blenner is our product created to meet the needs of customers with various demands in Cloud Computing through practical, unique and easy-to-use solutions. Blenner members receive 1 point for every real in our TFX Rewards.


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Blenner is our product created to meet the needs of customers with various demands on Cloud Computing through practical, exclusive and easy-to-use solutions. Blenner members earn 1 point for every dollar or real spent on our TFX Rewards.

Blenner: Dedicated servers with WordPress, Ubuntu, Windows Server, LAMP, Node.js and CentOS
Blenner Virtual Private Server for a low, predictable price.

Dedicated Cloud

Blenner is our Virtual Private Server (VPS) product that offers everything you need to develop your app or website, plus a low-cost monthly plan.

Our solution is ideal for simpler and more advanced workloads, rapid deployments, and high-end scalability. It's designed to help you start small and then expand as you grow.

Blenner Features

Do you know those boring and time-consuming steps to start installing the application you want on your server? This is a thing of the past! We have proprietary technology with our Vanna AI artificial intelligence that will help you and your business focus on what matters most: you.

Standalone installation with our Vanna AI

Just choose the app like WordPress, Magento and Joomla and start setting up your dedicated server in VPS within minutes and with our support to guide you.

Secure, Reliable and Scalable Networks

Servers are individual, no shared hardware and completely trustworthy. Configure a network simply and securely, including IP addresses, DNS and Firewall, among others.

Give new dimensions to your projects

As your ideas expand, a Blenner Load Balancer can easily handle your increased traffic and heavier workloads and in real time.

Global caching and distribution via CDN

Is your project's focus international? Smoothly! We have our proprietary CDN solution to help scale your project internationally and reduce nominal latency.

Additional benefits for customers

Blenner plans always include a static IP address, DNS management, resource monitoring and alerting, access via SSH or RDP, and key management.

High Availability Storage

Every Blenner server offers persistent, high-performance SSD-based storage. Get 60GB up to 10TB of SSD with flexible transfer limits.

Auto Snapshots with Vanna AI

Every day, a snapshot (automated backup with our Vanna AI artificial intelligence) is performed completely autonomously and you can customize the schedule.

Redundancy of your Blenner server

Have you thought if a problem occurs and results in your server failure? Do not worry! We thought to ensure that you have the protection of your project with us.

Cloud solutions for your business to grow.

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As your cloud ideas expand, you'll migrate to more robust Blenner solutions with a simple experience guided by our dedicated support.

Stay focused on the project while we take care of the infrastructure!

Blenner gives you the comfort of knowing that as you expand your website or business application, we can help you scale in a way that meets your needs.

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