How to configure Minecraft Server on Ubuntu by SSH

Thinking of creating a dedicated Linux server for Minecraft? This guide is for you! IMPORTANT: For Minecraft Server we recommend our Blenner solution with 2 GB RAM and 15 GB SSD (Learn More) Getting Started

How to install Loginizer plugin on WordPress

O Loginizer é um plugin do WordPress que limita as tentativas automatizadas de adivinhar senhas de usuários (chamadas de ataques de “força bruta”), bloqueando o IP de acesso por um terminado tempo. É um plugin muito útil e também gratuito,

Can I have my own domain with accents?

An accentuated domain, such as paemaemaçã, actually has an equivalent in an accentless coding called ACE. In the case of the previous example, its ACE equivalent is The ACE equivalent is what is effectively registered with

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