Do you really understand the importance of diversity in companies? Although the term is increasingly common in several international companies, it still raises many doubts. There are still many doubts about what it is to have diversity management as a policy and even about the concept of diversity. With that in mind, we have elaborated some important topics on the topic. Check out the full article and understand!

In a practical way, the concept of diversity in organizations is not represented only in the inclusion of people with some type of physical disability. It is something much broader and more integrated, which arrived in Brazil during the 1990s, along with the advance of economic globalization.

In addition, with the constant reduction of barriers in the world, the concern of large companies that began to need professionals with different knowledge increased. The struggle for inclusion was strengthened by social movements, such as gender equality and the black movement.

Diversity of stories, races, beliefs, sexual orientations, ages, genders, regions and cultures. Each brings in his luggage unique knowledge that can be applied at work. Much more than filling a quota table, it is about the ability to interact with the different for the sake of productive results.

First of all, that companies create development practices that awaken everyone's talents and skills, realizing that bringing together different types of skills and perspectives can be a valuable way to improve team performance.

Still, it is important to highlight that diversity promotes benefits, such as innovation, creativity and engagement. Recognition of professionals makes them feel more motivated to do their best.

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