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In recent years, several businesses have had to adapt to the new reality and scale their projects online. We are here to help you and your business grow with robust and affordable solutions for the Brazilian and international markets, available in 4 languages.

Benefits for you and your online and physical business.

Benefits for you

Dedicated service

You are not a number for us. Each service is customized and dedicated to meet the needs of your project or your company to grow with quality.

Benefit program

All customers participate in Membership Program, with equivalent points that never expire and can be redeemed for exclusive products, services, and moments.

Special offers and discounts

Always have access to the best offers from our solutions and also from partners with special discounts and bonus points in our program.

Quality and robust solutions

Do you know those little details? Do not worry! We thought of practically every step to create the best possible experience for you and companies.

Important pillars we take seriously

Security and privacy

We take your privacy and security seriously and every detail has been carefully thought out so that you have peace of mind.

Targeted solutions

Each customer is special and needs dedicated attention and products that deliver results. So we have 6 segments.

Cutting-edge technology

Like you, we don't like old technology. That's why we're always guaranteeing cutting-edge technology for everyone.

What are our customers talking about

“Extremely attentive throughout the project and constantly follow-up to report on progress and answer my questions about the service. It's amazing! I loved it…”

Julia S.

Businesswoman and IT Recruiter


“An excellent company that can meet what I need. I have a website about Financial Education on the internet and I have all the necessary support…”

Pedro Alves

Banking Manager and Entrepreneur


“I met through an advertisement on the internet, as I needed to create a blog for my YouTube channel and a service that would guarantee me support…”

Andreia Batista

Blogger and Financial Coaching


“I started my activities in 2015 on the internet, but I was not satisfied with the service provided by another company. That's when I found an ad on Google…”

Daniel Rodrigues

Veterinarian and Blogger


“TFX has been helping me a lot with my restaurant's day-to-day solutions and with the digital menu, my customers have a nice experience in general..."

Rennan Silverio

Restaurant Entrepreneur


“I would like to praise the service that this company has been providing to my law firm. We have a beautiful and responsive portfolio for desktop & mobile…”

Patrícia Martins

Businesswoman and Lawyer


“With Blenner, my renowned studio was able to bring a cleaner and more lively air to my corporate clients. I recommend TFX to all friends and voice actors…”

Richard Junior

Voiceover and Editing Manager


“I opened my MEI and started to build my website on the internet and invested in ads on Google, I was very well oriented and had a first-rate service at a great price…”

Franciane Costa

Graphic and Autonomous Designer


“I am a trader and needed to place my automated application on a reliable and available server. It was at that moment that I met the TFX company. I recommend…"

Karla Rocha

Professional Investor & Trader


“I decided to create my online store and didn't know where to start. I saw an ad on the internet and started my e-commerce with TFX, I liked the experience so far…”

Rudney Silva

Shopkeeper and Entrepreneur


“I was a client of another provider and my blog kept crashing and having technical problems connecting to the database. TFX solved everything!! Gratitude…"

Renata Mendonça

Blogger and makeup artist


“I started my accounting company and still hadn't found the right solutions for the creation of the website, forms and landing page. I'm happy to be…”

Fábio Santos

Entrepreneur and Accountant


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